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Dialogue Studio

This course will demonstrate how to use the features and functionality of the Dialogue Studio Tool. This will cover use of the standard nodes and nodes available on NodeRed. Attendees will have a good knowledge of how to configure their own Dialogue Studio System.

Duration Up to 4 hours per session
Group Size Up to 5 people per session
Prerequisite To have completed the User Management course
Course type Contact Center Administration
Remote Training Requirements/td> Sessions will be hosted using Microsoft Teams
Note This Should take place before a cutover

Course Content

Upon successful completion, delegates will be able
to configure:

Introduction to Dialogue Studio

  • What is Dialogue Studio
  • Understand how Dialogue Studio connects to Anywhere365
  • Understand nodes
  • Overview of Anywhere365

How to start building a Flows

  • How to connect to the UCC
  • What are the integration possibilities, Prompts & Plugins
  • Build a basic flow
  • Deploy your Flow
  • Use an Ask & Wait Node
  • Use an Switch Node
  • Understand the options in an Action node

Basic Nodes

  • Export and Import Nodes
  • Import existing standard nodes
  • Import new nodes
  • Holiday Nodes
  • Time Switch Node

Working with Imported Nodes

  • Configuring Out of Hours Procedure – Disconnect
  • Configuring Out of Hours Procedure – Sending Customer to Voicemail
  • Configuring Out of Hours Procedure- Callback
  • Configuring Out of Hours Procedure- Forwarding a Call
  • Holiday procedures

Working with Dialogue Studio & Other Nodes

  • Debug Nodes
  • Debug Details
  • Catch All Node
  • Function Node
  • Enabling/Disable Node
  • Group Nodes

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