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Avaya Call Centre Consultancy (Software Associate)

Designing a new call centre can be a daunting task. This offer provides the ability to discuss the configuration and design of a new call centre with an experienced call centre design specialist. By discussing call routing options, agent call distribution and reporting needs in depth prior to implementation, all operational needs are met and caller-satisfaction-affecting-pitfalls are avoided.
This offer can remove the complexity of creating a new call centre away from the client and reassurance that their needs are addressed. As all discussions are documented and the programming is well detailed, the client can relax in the knowledge that their requirements will be interpreted and implemented into a first-class call centre, benefiting from all current industry best practice standards.

Duration Bespoke depending on clients requirements
Group Size Up to 4 people per session
Prerequisite No prior knowledge required
Course type Consultancy and Data Gathering
Training Room Requirements Meeting Room
Remote Training Requirements Sessions will be hosted using either Webex or Microsoft Teams sessions
Attendees must have access to a PC/ Laptop that can access Webex or Microsoft Teams
Note This offering must take place before a cutover

Course Content

The call centre consultant will analyse the call centre needs provided by the client. This will involve in depth discussions of the operational strategy and target service levels as well as distribution and contingency planning.

The results of these discussions will then be translated into a written report, detailing the call routing, distribution strategy and targets, explaining how the technology can be configured to meet these requirements.

This report acts as a point of reference, confirming that the call centre consultant has understood the business aims and drivers including a description of the call handling process for future records.

Upon confirmation of the plan, the call centre consultant will translate the requirements into a set of technical programming notes ready for the Software Associate to upload the programming onto the system using Avaya Site Administration ready for User Acceptance Testing between the client and the software associate. The software associate will also be present at the go-live to make any minor changes to the system to allow the engineer to concentrate on the Avaya Media Gateways and Media Servers.

The Software Associate’s responsibilities will include gathering the following information:

  • VDN’s
  • Vectors
  • Skills
  • Agents
  • Agent Stations
  • Supervisor Stations
  • Supervisor Functions
  • Holiday Tables
  • Emergency Routing
  • Out of Hours Routing
  • IVR options
  • Redirect on No Answer options
  • Agent Call Handling – Auto Answer Vs. Manual Answer
  • Announcements – including Whisper Announcements
  • Aux Reason Codes
  • Setting up CMS Supervisor Logins
  • Setting up VDN names in CMS dictionary
  • Setting up Skill Names in CMS Dictionary
  • Setting Agent Names in CMS Dictionary

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