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Avaya End User Consultancy (Software Associate)

The Avaya telephony system has a multitude of different features and functionality on offer with new features becoming available through software upgrades. This offer is designed to ensure that system managers give the correct features and functionality to end users at the beginning of an install or to optimise usage of a system which has been in place for while.
When most new technology systems are implemented the main aim of the project is to ensure a simple functional system on go-live. The individual needs of the people using the technology on a day to day basis are often overlooked or may change over time. This course will enable the system manager to optimise the efficiency of personnel by matching their needs with the technology system ability.
Using Avaya Site Administration, a semi-bulk upload software tool, all the data will be uploaded by the Software Associate onto the system ready for User Acceptance Testing between the client and the software associate. The software associate will also be present at the go-live to make any minor changes to the system to allow the engineer to concentrate on the Avaya Media Gateways and Media Servers.

Duration Bespoke depending on clients requirements
Group Size Up to 4 people per session
Prerequisite No prior knowledge required
Course type Consultancy and Data Gathering
Training Room Requirements Meeting Room
Remote Training Requirements Sessions will be hosted using either Webex or Microsoft Teams sessions
Attendees must have access to a PC/ Laptop that can access Webex or Microsoft Teams
Note This offering must take place before a cutover

Course Content

The following users will be considered when discussing features and functionality of the system:

  • Normal users
  • Manager/PA
  • Receptionist/Switchboard
  • Remote users

The user base will be interrogated to discover how different types of personnel use their relevant technology and why it is necessary in their role. This process would include interviewing various people in the user base. All the possible functionality and multitude of features that the system can offer will be explained and how they would best fit the use of the personnel.
The analyst will work closely with the customer to produce a programming document detailing the end user configuration ready to be uploaded onto the system using Provision The Software Associate’s responsibilities will include gathering the following information:

  • Dialplan Analysis
  • Stations
  • Cover Paths
  • Coverage Answer Groups
  • Coverage Remote
  • Abbreviated Dials
  • Class of Restriction
  • Class of Service
  • Hunt Groups
  • Pickup Groups
  • Phone Key Templates
  • EC500
  • Meet Me Conference
  • Attendant Consoles

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