1UC regards itself as a complete service provider and as a result has developed a best practice methodology

Phase 1 Bid Support (Free of charge)
  • Bid support services – Assist sales teams, ensure correct amount and type of training has been sold
  • White labelling – seamless face to the customer and representation as the ‘Training Manager’ and/or ‘Training Team
Phase 2 Consultancy
  • End user consultants to assist with any demonstrations required.
  • Availability can be scaled up during busy periods to meet demand by utilising our established network of trainers.
  • End user data gathering consultants, working with supervisors &
  • administrators to explain the new technology that has been sold within the solution to help them understand how the new system will work/operate.
Phase 3 Training Analysis
  • The Training Format – Pre-training, train the trainer, system administration, go-live support
  • Profile of trainees – New user, basic, intermediate, advanced
Phase 4 Education Plan
  • Collated data from the previous phase is used to design a training solution
  • Development of bespoke training documents
  • Date and training schedules are discussed and agreed
  • Training Tools – User guides, projectors, flip charts, reference manuals, computers and handsets
  • Appropriate training environment scheduled and prepared
Phase 5 Online video
  • Bespoke videos – ongoing connection and support between you and the end client long after installation is complete.
  • Meets the needs and requirements of each client by leveraging the trainer’s expertise and knowledge around the solution and the specific end client’s requirements.
  • MP4 videos – cost-effective solution as the client doesn’t need to pay an ongoing licence fee for access.
  • Examples
Phase 6 Training Delivery
  • The courses are delivered in accordance to the format agreed in the previous phase
  • Any related documentation is distributed to the delegates
Phase 7 Go live support
  • With an established network of trainers, 1UC can quickly and easily adapt to different sized rollouts. From one to one white glove service to large on-site floor walking support, we can accommodate multiple project rollouts simultaneously.
Phase 8 Review
  • Training assessment forms are completed after every training course delivered by an 1UC trainer. This is sent back to the project manager for further review and assessment.