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Introduction to Anywhere365

This course looks at what Anywhere365 is and how it works. It gives an introduction to both the Agent and Supervisor components and how to configure them in a way that will work best for your organisation as well as basic tasks like logging in and out, answering calls etc.

Duration 2 hours per session
Group Size Up to 10 people per session
Prerequisite No Prerequisite
Course type Supervisor
Training Room Requirements Meeting Room
1 phone per person
1 PC per person (with Snapper and Teams Installed)
Remote Training Requirements Sessions will be hosted using either Webex or Microsoft Teams sessions
Attendees must have access to a PC/ Laptop that can access Webex or Microsoft Teams
Note This Should take place before a cutover

Course Content

Upon successful completion, delegates will be able to:

  • What is Anywhere 365
    • For Agents
    • For Supervisors
  • How does it work
    • Formal & Informal Agents
    • Teams or Snapper or Web Agent?
    • Difference between Web Agent and Snapper
  • Call handling within A365
    • Starting up Teams
    • Logging on to the UCC using Web Agent
    • Starting up Snapper Application
    • Logging on/off Formal agents
    • Logging on/off informal agents
    • Answering a call
    • Webagent overview
    • Call classification overview
    • Snapper overview
    • Dashboard overview
    • Change status
    • Reason Codes
    • Transferring a call
    • Outbound calls
    • Wrap up time
    • Call on behalf
    • Chat window
  • Understand the supervisor experience
    • Supervisor Assistance
    • Wallboard
    • User Management process
  • Building your system
    • Understanding IVR Call flows
    • Agent Selection
    • Skill types
    • Sub Routing
    • Configure the Skill
    • Formal & informal Agents
  • Creating a call flow
    • Call flows
    • Announcements
    • Voicemail boxes
    • Additional Entry Points
    • Overflow Calls
  • What are the global UCC settings
    • UCC Name
    • Closing the UCC
    • Call recording
    • Call flow decisions
      • ACD Method
      • Hunt timeout
      • Queue busy timeout
      • Discharge Duration (Wrap Up)
      • Enable Music on Hold
      • Call Recording announcement
      • Outbound number presentation
    • Call classifications
    • Reason Codes
    • Emergency Routing
    • Supervisor information

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