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Data Governance

Microsoft Teams has been quickly growing from a multifunctional communication platform to an essential tool for today’s modern workplace.
However, managing a Microsoft Teams environment for your entire organisation is far from an easy task. To ensure that you can prevent sprawl, keep internal data safe, and make everything work as efficiently as possible for your end users, some serious control measures are required. Also called, governance. It refers to the act or method of management, the code of conduct, and the supervision of the use of the application.

Duration 4 days
Group Size No limit
Prerequisite No prerequisite- aimed at administrators and technical team
Course type Microsoft 365
Training Room Requirements Meeting Room
PC/Laptop with Outlook per user
Remote Training Requirements Sessions will be hosted using either Webex or Microsoft Teams sessions
Attendees must have access to a PC/ Laptop that can access Webex or Microsoft Teams
Note This course should take place before the beginning of a project but can be done after if required

Course Content

Data Governance Service Scope:

  • Kick off meeting
  • Data Governance assessment workshop
  • Data Governance report, and
  • Transition & knowledge transfer meeting
  • Rulebook Workshop
  • Administration Training (Technical Training)

Kick-off Meeting

1UC, in conjunction with and with the cooperation of Client, will work to finalize the following before the Consultant conducts the workshop:

  • Date – Finalize the work schedule and timeline
  • Stakeholders – who should participate?
  • Microsoft licences – what licences being used and how many?
  • Goals setting – what is the desired outcome?

Data Governance Assessment Workshop

  • A data governance review – What is required and why: The consultant will review your current environment, discuss your short-term and long-term goals for Teams, Microsoft 365 and data governance and understand your data use scenarios.
  • Microsoft 365 and Teams Data Governance – How it can be implemented: The consultant will provide knowledge transfer and best practices for the data governance and compliance controls that can be applied to each tier of Microsoft 365 to ensure that the Teams lifecycle and the data management lifecycle are securely managed to your specific objectives.

Data Governance Report

The consultant will create a bespoke report based on your specific objectives and Microsoft licencing. The report will detail best practices and configuration settings based on a crawl, walk, run implementation strategy.
The data governance recommendations for Microsoft Teams are divided into eight key areas:

  • Team configuration – Defining the global settings for Microsoft Teams.
  • Microsoft 365 Groups configuration – Defining the global settings for Microsoft 365 Groups which also control Teams and Yammer Groups
  • Microsoft 365 Groups and Teams Creation – Defining who and how teams are created and what security is applied to them.
  • Team membership – Controlling the internal users and external guest membership and ongoing reporting of adoption.
  • Teams Lifecycle – Managing teams lifecycle to ensure that teams are reviewed on a regular basis and deleted when no longer required to prevent information sprawl.
  • Information Management – Ensuring information protection measures are appropriately applied to team’s data, chat and conversations and that external sharing is controlled.
  • Client Access – Ensuring the technical set up has been deployed and appropriate levels on user and device controls are applied to ensure that user can safely and easily access Microsoft 365 and Teams.
  • Microsoft 365 and team’s data governance OCM & training – Ensuring that IT administrations, security staff, service desk users and end users are trained on data governance best practices and their roles and responsibilities for using, managing and supporting Microsoft 365 and teams.

Transition & Knowledge Transfer Meeting

As part of the knowledge transfer the consultant will:

  • Detail the tailored data governance best practices including the recommended configuration settings in the report
  • Provide conduct a Transition & Knowledge Transfer Meeting (virtually) to review the report, answer questions and finalise handover and discuss next steps.

Rulebook Workshop

  • As part of the rulebook workshop, the consultant will:
  • Detail all the allowances and restrictions that have been put in place as a result of the previous data governance workshops
  • The rulebook will define why restrictions have been put in place and what alternatives are available
  • The rulebook will also detail company policies that must be adhered to
  • The resulting document will feed into the training collateral that needs to be produced

Administration Training

As part of the administration training, the consultant will:

  • Provide information to administer everyday changes for Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Teams based on previous data governance workshops.
  • It will cover the benefits and best practices and help users understand the best ways to manage Teams and Channels.
  • Administrators will discover ways to implement and roll out teams to new starters as well as manage the existing estate with little disruption.

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