UC & Telecoms Training

Unified Communications (UC) is transforming the way you work, enabling you to access your content from anywhere, anytime and from any connected device.

This can also create confusion: How should I contact a colleague? What’s the quickest way to call a customer?

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Without receiving the proper training, it can be difficult to navigate and understand all the features and functionality available within your UC system.

1UC’s change management services and training courses are designed to address core end-user adoption and training for the absolute beginner to more advanced levels as well as contact centre users.

We concentrate on improving your ways of working with this new digital technology, focusing on key areas including: collaboration, collect and store, connect with people, communication and culture change.

1UC are also custom content and learning solutions specialists, creating tailored content and learning journeys based on very specific and customised environments for our clients.

Coupled with effective hands on training, we are able to clearly define the most efficient journey that the entire organisation needs to follow, empowering users with the confidence and technical know how to put into practice all they have learnt.

1UC have identified certain personas that exist within most organisations and as such our change management and training services use the following personas as a base:

  • Office Workers
  • Manager/Assistants
  • Technical/Engineering Personnel

  • System Administrators

  • Contact Centre Managers
  • Supervisors
  • Agents/Advisors
  • Operation/Handset Users
  • Receptionists