Best practices when delivering training remotely

Why is remote training important?  Remote training is a type of training delivery aimed at people who work from home or at a location outside their main office environment. It can be delivered through the use of online courses, webinars or live training with (2 way interaction).  How is remote training different to classroom training?  Remote training differs from traditional classroom training, in that it offers the opportunity to train people at multiple locations, this makes it more affordable, convenient and means training can be arranged reactively in response to. Other key benefits to remote training include-  It facilitates knowledge retention.  It improves [...]

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Why should companies invest in e-learning for software, CRM and sales database training?

Our clients often talk to us about the challenges of coordinating onsite training across multiple departments. Certain factors like finding room in everyone’s diaries can be a bit of an internal battle. For example, allocating one time to train new starters or teams based in overseas offices can prove a logistic nightmare. In these cases we might suggest the option of an e-learning programme instead. In a nutshell, e-learning is an interactive experience where employees can learn at their own pace in their chosen environment. We design bespoke [...]

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