Using your Unified Collaboration tools to their maximum potential

With the advancement of high speed broadband, there has been increased spend on collaboration tools. By 2016 global market for video conferencing is expected to hit £2.3 billion. Worldwide in 2015 there are already 1.3 billion mobile workers using a combination of Unified Collaboration tools including Telepresence and Cisco WebEx. It is likely in the future that the usage of collaborative technology will surpass both email and telephone usage in the workplace. Due to the complexity, infrequent use and unfamiliarity of features, it can be difficult for businesses to ensure successful adoption [...]

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3 reasons to use a consultant / software associate rather than an engineer for data collection and programming

Designing a unified communications system can be a daunting task, the decision between either using a consultant or an engineer to gather end user data can be even more difficult! Within this post we will put forward three reasons as to why it can be more beneficial for a company to utilize a consultant instead of just an engineer. The top three reasons are: 1. Soft skills & hard skills Consultants will have developed a crossover skill-set over time. This tends to be between the softer human side and the harder technical skills of fully [...]

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