With the advancement of high speed broadband, there has been increased spend on collaboration tools. By 2016 global market for video conferencing is expected to hit £2.3 billion. Worldwide in 2015 there are already 1.3 billion mobile workers using a combination of Unified Collaboration tools including Telepresence and Cisco WebEx. It is likely in the future that the usage of collaborative technology will surpass both email and telephone usage in the workplace.

Due to the complexity, infrequent use and unfamiliarity of features, it can be difficult for businesses to ensure successful adoption of these these tools to their full potential. A few of the causes resulting in lack of adoption are highlighted below:

Office Culture Fit

Within a traditional office environment employees are less receptive to new technologies as they are used to face to face communication. Therefore when it comes to using collaboration technology systems they struggle with the features while trying to run a meeting.

Time since training

It may have been a while since users were shown how to use their collaboration tools. It can be a struggle to run a seamless meeting while attempting to remember and use all of the features available.

Infrequent Usage

If collaboration tools are not used often by an employee it is likely that certain features may be forgotten or they may not feel confident in using them. Increased usage will result in an increased level of confidence and also keep the user up to date on minor tech changes that occur with the system.

Loss of confidence due to pressure

Meetings and presentations conducted using collaboration tools such as WebEx training and  event  centres can often be high pressure situations. Due to this the meeting host could feel flustered and errors could occur. This can lead to a loss of integration, seamlessness and professionalism.

Inadequate in-house knowledge

Within most companies it’s likely that their is no specialist in house who has a complete working knowledge of the collaboration tools available. Therefore there is no one available to  advise how to use even the most basic of features.

Our Solution For You:

The previous issues faced can be alleviated by training an in house “collaboration champion” or if resources are tight look to third party external assistance.

1UC are experienced consultants  who can help run meetings and events using your collaborative technology. By utilising a 1UC consultant the previously identified issues can be resolved.

1UC can help your company host amazing meetings, events and training sessions through these methods:

  • Learn and apply best practices for on-line meetings, events and training centres.
  • Have access to technical support whilst your meeting is taking place. This can be either onsite or remote.
  • Allows you to focus on your end purpose, not the smaller operational details.

If you think these services could help your business, head over to our contact page and let us know your company’s requirements.