During this extraordinary period more people than ever will be working from home and using unified communications (such as messaging and online conferencing and collaboration) to enable that. For some of you this may be the first time you have been required to do so, here at 1UC we want to do what we can to help so here are a few ideas you might want to consider on working from home. 

  • Routine- Start and close your day with the same routine; Get up and get dressed as if you were still heading to the office, maybe go for a quick walk and prioritise your jobs for the day 
  • Workstation- You may not have the perfect work environment but use a supportive chair and take regular breaks to ensure you are not sedentary for hours on end 
  • Work environment- Avoid working in your bedroom if you can, try to find a quiet space were you can eliminate as many distractions a possible 
  • Regular breaks and exercise- Try to take a small break every hour. Get up stretch, move around, maybe walk up and down the stairs. Try to keep well hydrated. 
  • Virtual breaks – organise virtual coffee breaks with your colleagues. Have a cuppa whilst chatting using video conferencing.  
  • Stay connected- make use of things like Microsoft Teams, Zoom and Cisco Webex to keep connected with your colleagues 
  • Fresh air- Get out at least once in the working day, take a walk around the garden or go for a run or cycle 
  • Updating managers- Make sure to touch base with your managers, update them if you become unwell so they can make any adjustments needed to cover work.