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Avaya Analytics (Oceana)

Avaya Analytics is a reporting platform that allows you to view and analyse Avaya Oceana solution data through historical interaction dashboards, enabling you to get insights to enhance customer experience and agent performance and streamline contact centre operations. This course provides an overview to Avaya Analytics and introduces its features and capabilities.

Duration 1 day
Group Size Up to 5 people per session
Prerequisite No prior knowledge required
Course type Contact Centre Supervisor
Training Room Requirements Meeting Room
PC/Laptop per attendee, loaded with Avaya Analytics software
Each attendee must have their login credentials
Flipchart/ whiteboard
Remote Training Requirements Sessions will be hosted using either Webex or Microsoft Teams sessions
Attendees must have access to a PC/ Laptop that can access Webex or Microsoft Teams
Note This course must take place after a cutover and the system must be signed off by the end client.

Course Content

Upon successful completion, delegates will understand / be able to:

Get started

  • Logging in to Avaya Analytics
  • Configuring the default landing page
  • Configuring the default language
  • Configuring the default time zone
  • Configuring the number of columns in a grid

Real time reports

  • Real-time reports

Historical reports

  • Creating prompts
  • Creating a filter for attributes and metrics
  • Creating a custom group
  • Creating a new report
  • Creating a new document
  • Creating a dossier
  • Viewing a report
  • Viewing a document
  • Importing data from external datasources to create a report
  • Building a metric formula
  • Customising the layout of a document
  • Modifying an existing Avaya Analytics canned document
  • Creating a customised report
  • Emailing a report or document
  • Exporting a report or document
  • Scheduling a report or document
  • Printing a report or document
  • Subscribing to a report or document
  • Setting thresholds

Historical reports summary

  • Account by agent summary
  • Agent by routing service
  • Agent configuration
  • Agent login/logout summary
  • Agent not ready by reason code
  • Agent performance
  • Contact centre performance summary
  • Engagement
  • Routing service summary
  • Supervisor activity
  • Time series
  • VDN Summary

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