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ARC Express Operator Training

Arc Express operator training is a hands on step by step training course covering all the procedures an operator will use day to day. The course covers screen layout and basic call control keys used. By the end of the session the attendees will be able to operate the console answering and extending calls in a professional manner. Operating procedures are taught using the keyboard and for mouse-orientated operators all methods of mouse operating are addressed.

Duration 90 minutes per session
4 Sessions per day
Group Size Up to 3 people per session
Prerequisite No Prior Knowledge Required
Course type Back Office End User
Training Room Requirements Meeting Room
PC with Arc Console Software
4 Phones to simulate calls
Above phones must be included in the Busy Lamp Field (if present)
Pre CT Gateway Numbers
Remote Training Requirements Sessions will be hosted using either Webex or Microsoft Teams sessions
Attendees must have access to a PC/ Laptop that can access Webex or Microsoft Teams
Note This course should take place after a cutover

Course Content

Upon successful completion, delegates will be able to:

Basic Call Handling Procedures

  • Logging on and off
  • Answering incoming calls – answer next
  • Selective Answer/Auto Answer/Auto Selective Answer – if configured
  • Extending calls to a free extension – unannounced
  • Procedures for extending calls to a free extension – announced
  • Procedures for announced calls – accepted and refused
  • Extending calls to an engaged extension
  • Placing calls on Hold and Retrieving
  • Retrieving calls on time out – Hold, No Reply, Engaged
  • Taking messages and sending an email – if configured
  • Clearing calls down
  • Mis-dialled calls
  • Making internal calls/Making external calls
  • Redial and Recent Number List
  • Dial by name and Directory usage/Multiple Users
  • Temporary Absence
  • Connecting callers directly into a user’s mailbox greeting

Advanced call handling procedures

  • Options/Service Menu
  • Operator to operator calls
  • Placing multiple calls on hold and retrieving specific calls
  • Adding/edit Speed dial numbers – if configured
  • Calendar Schedules and absent information
  • Managing starters and leavers – depends on the configuration

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