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Cisco Finesse Agent and Cisco Handset

This course provides agents with a basic level of understanding of the contact centre functionality for the Cisco Handsets and how to handle ACD calls.
This course covers the end user functionality such as transferring calls and conference calls. It also covers the extra functionality available to ACD agents such as logging in & out and making themselves available to the queues.
This offering is available for both Cisco Enterprise and Express contact centres.

Duration 45 minutes per session
Group Size Up to 10 people per session
Prerequisite No Prior Knowledge Required
Course type Contact centre Agent
Training Room Requirements Meeting Room
Test Phone per Attendee
Extension Mobility Logins and Passwords
Agent Logins and Passwords
Directory Numbers to push test calls into the call centre
Remote Training Requirements Sessions will be hosted using either Webex or Microsoft Teams sessions
Attendees must have access to a PC/ Laptop that can access Webex or Microsoft Teams
Note This course should take place before a cutover

Course Content

Upon successful completion, agents will be able to demonstrate the following handset capabilities:

  • Make and receive multiple calls
  • Perform standard handset features such as:
    • Multiple Call Handling
    • Hold
    • Transfer
    • Conference
    • Mute
    • Corporate Directory

Upon successful completion, delegates will be able to demonstrate the following agent features:

  • Understand Contact Management Pane
  • Understand the specific agent procedure from logging in to logging out
  • Choose an Agent State
  • Conduct Basic Call Handling
  • Use the Phone Book
  • Use the Chat Function
  • Understand the Real Time Displays

Course Material

Bespoke guides will be created for the handset and voicemail when the following information is provided:

  • Handset Types
  • Handset Keys for each type
  • Extension Mobility details
  • Agent Logins and Passwords
  • Usage of Timed Wrap Up
  • Usage of Unavailable Reason Codes
  • Usage of Logout Reason Codes

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