Europe’s leading frozen food company is one of the largest in the world with offices and factories serving the global food market. However, the recent acquisition of several famous brands highlighted the need to improve internal collaboration and communication as well as the need to reduce business travel costs.

Customer Statistics

Frozen Foods

Approx 4600 across Europe

UK Headquarters with 17
locations across Europe.
Of these locations,
13 are factories


  • High travel costs

  • No collaboration and complicated communications systems between offices and factories

  • Poor video conferencing quality with external clients


  • Cisco Unified Communications

  • IP Phones

  • Jabber softphone (desktop and mobile)

  • Webex Conferencing

  • Webex Teams

  • Webex Rooms

Training Approach

  • A complete change management program was put in place between our adoption specialists and the client.

  • Key stakeholders were brought together to form project team. This included: Management, Communications & Marketing, HR, IT and End Users.

  • Various staff from all departments were ‘Interviewed’ and key obstacles were highlighted which needed to be overcome for the culture to accept the new changes.

  • A champions network was put in place to help promote the positive outcomes of the new changes.

  • Training outlines were tailored based on the above analysis and in accordance to how the technology was to be rolled out by IT.

  • ‘Train the Trainer’ style training was delivered to champions at every site and in the local language.


Centralized, reliable solution that brings together offices and factories

Increased collaboration and online meetings between office staff and factories leading to reduced travel costs

Ability to create virtual teams quickly

Improved teamwork and workflow processes across offices

Enabled faster decision making