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Microsoft 365 Forms

Microsoft forms is a new surveying tool. Forms provides the opportunity for a survey author to quickly and easily create individually customised surveys, questionnaires, quizzes and so on.
This course will familiarise users with the various formats and question structures available to choose from to create an individual form.
This course has been created in mind for new users wishing to start to explore a new and easy way to create questionnaires, surveys and so on by the use of Microsoft 365 Forms.

Duration 90 minutes
Group Size Up to 10 people maximum
Prerequisite No Prerequisite
Course type Microsoft 365
Training Room Requirements Meeting Room
PC/Laptop with Forms per user
Remote Training Requirements Sessions will be hosted using either Webex or Microsoft Teams sessions
Attendees must have access to a PC/ Laptop that can access Webex or Microsoft Teams
Note This course should take place before a cutover

Course Content

Upon successful completion, delegates will be able to:

Microsoft Forms Overview:

  • Concepts
  • Accessing the Forms app
  • Navigating around forms

Creating Forms and Adding Questions:

  • Creating forms
  • Understanding question types
  • Setting question options
  • Branching
  • Adding themes to forms
  • Preview and review
  • Setting form options
  • Sharing forms with options
  • Reviewing responses
  • Practical activity – create and share a form


  • Creating a quiz
  • Adding questions
  • Question types

Setting question options including: types, correct answers and responses, maths and equations:

  • Add a theme
  • Preview and test the quiz
  • Setting quiz options
  • Sharing the quiz
  • Reviewing responses
  • Practical activity – create and share a quiz

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